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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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heated the survivors organization and personally filed the first genocide filings. he risked his life. the other lady is here an incredible woman and san franciscan an international human rights attorney. she has acted as a legal viruses for the past ten years and was sprubl in bringing this to the courts. if you haven't met her she's on a incredible human being. i want to recognize the next time solidarity that recognize
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their legal team since the a y r inception it's educated community throughout the united states of the atrocities. thank you all for our continued work for justice in guatemala. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> because of our hard work on may 10th of this year, the dictate toward was sentenced to 80 years in prison. the international community including the u.s. embassy and thousands you have concerned citizens have recognized this groundbreaking event. as we know as things in
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guatemala the correspondent illegally annulled the verdict on technical cattle's. on behalf of t on behalf of the immigrant community i thank you for the continuing work for the fight for civil rights and for bringing to memory the thousands of guatemalans who disappeared during this genocide. there was genocide so thank you and congratulations. (clapping.)
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and so like it was said. wore the co- plaintiffs in this case of the genocide. it was great he was taken to justice in the same country it happened >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so to say guatemalan la is a country that has peace.
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a country without peace is not a country >> so we want to do is send a democracy statement for guatemalan la. >> thank you
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(clapping.) is board of supervisors may wave the fee if it was there are not a relationship between the access of demonstrate. the plaintiff bears the burden to support the appeal including the technical information. i propose we conduct the hearing with the appellant talking and followed by the members of the public who can speak up to two minutes and the mayor's office on housing and can talk about the fee. they'll be followed by the members of the public that wish to support of the fee up to 2
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minutes and finally an appeal. unless any objections to proceed and let me ask the supervisors supervisor weiner what you like to toward off with. madam clerk, please start the hearing and let me ask the appellants if you could please step up. is the appellant here for the hearing? rem ask the city departments are you aware if the appellants are planning on participating today? why don't we hold up for one
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minute. colleagues why don't we suggest to see if we can continue on to additional business >> item 25 is the resolution to establish full quality and cost for the public interests. >> thank you, colleagues today, the resolution before us addresses the need for transparency. i want to thank supervisor chiu and supervisor chiu. at the it's important apparent than ever lack ever transparency let's people know where they can get health care for.
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when people need medication and so forth people are paying higher insurance and co-pay and premiums. we have why'd what we're paying for were one of the charters she's that prices have grown a dozen eggs would cost via dollars and a cartoon of erroneously would cost a lot. if trends continue the i've never seen out-of-pocket will average 50 percent of payrolls. so for all the money wore paying we're not getting healthier. as a member of the height services board i have come to
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realize how health care is. the resolution before you asks the board of supervisors to establish full and cost transparency in the publics interest. i'll tell you my colleagues, we have drafts from the city attorney's office. and prices transparency in the health care market is essential to encourage consolidations for the quality of care. recently the increases traentd health for san franciscans. we as a board owe it to our residents to get more inside health costs to move toward more competitive health care costs.
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i ask support >> on item 24 sxhoeflz. i. supervisor breed. >> i supervisor chiu. i supervisor chiu. >> supervisor farrell. i >> staupg. >> i. >> supervisor weiner. >> i supervisor yee. 11 i see. it's topped >> next. >> this is extending the agreement with a note to exceed amount of 189 million. >> colleagues, same house, same call? . why don't we go back to our 3:00 p.m. special order i understand the appellant is here
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>> yes. mr. president. the appellant will have up to 10 minutes for their appeal and the members of the audience have 10 minutes and followed by the members of the public that wish to support the application up to 3 minutes >> so why don't i now ask the appellant if you'd like to make our presentation? and you can just pick the mike on our far right. perfect >> hi, when we originally asked for the appeal of the fee waiver we were under the impression the complete waiver of $16,000 would
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be inadmissible for tenant owners who were low income. according to the real estate lawyers paul and andy. so we employed for an appeal we're low income and don't have the monies to do - we had to borrow it. from after filing it i understand that i think that both of those lawyers may have been mantel. it's been unclear i tried to talk to a couple of even if supervisors offices and it seems that the low income be eligibility is only for deferral of the fee although the department of public works referred it to the supervisors. nobody could answer our
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questions so we ended up hero. so as low income tenant owners we don't know what - how the legislation - what can be done about the fee. we actually paid it under pressure to other unit owners who were afraid of in the legislation there's a part of if there's a lawsuit that all applications hadn't been approved could be frozen and the other two tenant owners were afraid of our operation being frozen and so anyways under that pressure we borrowed money but we would prefer to have - get the money back through the department of public works they referred us to you. if we were eligible for a
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reduction or waiver it seems like that's not true. so if you can give us any guidelines how to proceed that will be great. thank you, thank you >> thank you, colleagues any questions to the appellant. if there are any members of the public >> i'm sorry do you have a question. >> supervisor kim. >> you have questioned what are the various options can you rotate what dwp instructed you. >> the woman that i spoke with wasn't sure what the process was and we should contact the board of supervisors. >> i find it frustrating we have an ordinance that's been
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put into election and they don't understand what factors by which the pass of their appeal should be dwp should be able to answer those questions at the front desk if they don't have the resources necessary. i i don't think this is a good use of time i want to state that frustration >> supervisor weiner. >> thank you very much did they tell you the foes as opposed to the waiver 3 to 9 months. >> no. >> in terms of it's not a -
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>> i'm only back part time in a year from now this would be tremendously he helpful. we've paid it we borrowed money if we could get it back and get a deferral that would be tremorly helpful >> do we know in terms of my understanding is the deferral exteriors when the deferral is not issued - can you refresh my memory on when the deferral expires. >> the fees have to be paid before we record the map. if we defer the foes we can get up to the recommendation but the map would set in the office >> we could get tenant approval.
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>> you have tenant approval. >> once we receive tenant approval we're no longer at reflex for the lawsuit so that's getting great. >> it seems like and i'm going to second would supervisor jane kim said we've had people referred to us and there's confusion as to the appeal but now we have procures in place maybe this is something that would have been worked out with the deferrals, however, if the other tenants were trying to do the same thing. can you talk about what the department is doing now, when
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people call with questions >> bruce city and county survey our. for the fee deferral wore happy to a direct the applicant through the deferral process but we've been referring them to the supervisors to the board. >> why are you referring folks to the board. >> that's the process that's outlined in the legislation if they want a waiver or reduction. the deferal wore the entity to process that >> can i interyekt. from what i understood it would clear about dwp being in charge of disrespectful and what the supervisors are being in regard
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it was lumped together so we talked to dwp we professed to have a waiver rather than a reduction but without the clear direction that it was wasn't bans low income >> if i could ask a question. the board of supervisors can reduce or wave the fee if there's no nucleus us between the amount of fee charge. so your sending it to us to seeful if there's a nucleus us >> for the rouks of the fee but not for a deferral. >> supervisor weiner. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much.
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i actually wanted oh, that's okay. i wanted to ask the appellant which department are you calling or going into the office - please yes >> i don't remember the man's name andy referred me to jose but he was out of town so there was this time pressure. >> my question to the staff is there only one person that will be able to answer those types of questions. >> no, i apologize on behalf of dwp. if this would have been directed to me or gotten to my desk things would have been handled different. jorge is not the only person
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>> jorge oh, it's not a disconnect of communication. we need to correct who the point person is or the team of point people so the folks that are referring people who have questions that there being a referred and given accurate information >> absolutely consider it done. >> there was a woman who was helpful in joses absent can't remember here name. >> supervisor breed. thank you. >> there's not much we can do here at the board of supervisors unfortunately. and so i think it's definitely important that we mr. president,
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figure out which particular committee this would be referred to understand dwps process to make sure they are providing the public with the right information. with that, i want to move item 41 and i guess continue items - can we do that >> we're actually at the beginning of hearing and it has to be at the end but i appreciate it. >> supervisor kim. i think that dwp needs to do 80 a better job of the basis in which you can appeal the waiver fees is incredibly important. so if a person asks for a reduction sending people to the board of supervisors is irresponsible. you have to make an appeal to the board of supervisors or
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you're wasting everyone's time the board of supervisors they believe they can make an appeal on their low income nodes. so the answer shouldn't be mingle someone asks about this issue it's dwps responsibility to recommend the option. we should be clear about what the other options are list in the memo. all the homeownership's don't need to pay the conversion fee. you can ask for a delay in paying our fees until the map approval occurs. they should with in one waiver. there should be a better process.
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this is incredibly frustrating to see people confused come on to the board >> supervisor campos. >> i want to i'll to the lady the appellant because i don't know that i know this should not are been handled this way. we don't have the authority to do what you're thinking we should do. this is sad how it's been handled because it is a waste of your time and you know, i just want to apologize for that >> is there a way that we can get a refund and apply for a deferral since that's not clear and a sure. bruce with the city and county
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survey our. the deferral will be short but you can >> how long. >> after ten active approval you can apply with everybody everything that the city requires. did you have tenant? >> tenant? sorry go ahead >> so the finalization of the lease is in process but as soon as that's in place within 2 to three weeks your map will be ready to record. >> map recordings is before inspections. >> not last thing. >> so we'd love to get a deferral we can come to your office. >> i'm sure i have our contact information i'll start the
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process. >> supervisor weiner. >> one of the things it would be like two weeks. >> two weeks. >> until you have to pay again, if you have to get a deferral it will be 2 to three weeks. >> i thought the map recordings happens after. >> it happens after your code compliance. >> so right now if you were to go back and refund the grant referral. >> she would have to pay. >> how many i how much time. >> i'm not familiar but it would be after 2 months that she needs to pay the fee and i think
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actually, we should recess this hearing or continue it to give the department an opportunity to do what should have happened to work with the appellant to see if there's a way to work this out. i understand there's limitation but it seems like we should continue it a week >> let me ask which are the next appeals of this type of scheduled for this body. >> i believe next tuesday. >> next tuesday. why don't we continue this for one week and if you could work with this appellant and suggest reaching out to other appellants to see if the same issue has come up so we don't wait the cities and the public's time. that if that makes sense.
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supervisor weiner has made a motion and supervisor farrell a second >> i understand there might be a difference of opinion with this board of the grounds whether certainty appeals can result in the waiver of fees. i'm not sure who told you you have no case some people disagree and some agree with you but this week will give an opportunity to come up with a resolution that works with our timing and financial situations >> and we'll come back next tuesday. >> yeah. at 3:00 p.m.
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>> thank you very much. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i actually was going to highlight would supervisor weiner said the defendant not being recommended. i got only pieces of the puzzle so it's hard to make a decision >> supervisor breed. >> mr. chair i don't understand why wore continuing it but those cases are being represented to the board and the comments made by the appellant. i'm trying to understand why wore continuing this in the first place >> let me suggest. >> couple you have options.


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